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Engaging Community • Protecting World Heritage • Preserving the Blue Mountains Experience

Katoomba Airfield Community Group

Over 1,500 submissions to Crown Lands

12,200 petition signatures presented to Parliament and the issue debated on August 1, 2019


6,800 + signatures on our online petition

Letters to the editor, TV, radio and print articles and interviews


Katoomba Airfield Community Group seeks to preserve the serenity of the Blue Mountains for residents and visitors by incorporating Katoomba Airfield into the National Park. Our aim is to have the Airfield maintained for emergency purposes only.

We want to stop the Katoomba Airfield from being used as a home base for a dramatic increase in fixed wing and helicopter overflights over Sydney’s backyard - the Blue Mountains National Park and World Heritage Area.

Our group is made up of Blue Mountains residents and businesses concerned about the broad negative economic and environmental impacts of a lease on the Airfield - a parcel of public (Crown) land - for use as a commercial aerodrome and heliport.

We hold regular meetings to discuss the proposal, share our concerns and take action so that our views are taken into account in any future decision-making. 


The NSW Department of Industry is considering issuing a 50 year lease of the Katoomba Airfield for fixed wing and helicopter tourism. This will mean scenic fixed wing and heli-charter flights or 'joy flights', landing in and taking off from within the the Greater Blue Mountains National Park. This has happened in many places around the world ruining local tourist areas and we don’t want it to happen here.

The proposed lease represents a significant change of use of the Airfield and threatens both the environment and the economy of the New South Wales second most visited tourist destination. More than 5 million visitors come to the Blue Mountains annually and it is home to around 80,000 residents.


The Blue Mountains is a micro economic entity intertwined and inseparable with tourism. The economy depends on tourism; day trippers, weekenders, families and couples looking for a day or a weekend escape into a quiet natural environment.  


It is haven less than 2 hours from Sydney, by car, train or bus. It's spectacular landscapes, diversity of flora and fauna, peace and tranquillity are known not just throughout Australia but all over the world.  

The World Heritage Listing is up for review and already drawn the attention of UNESCO. Commercialisation of Katoomba Airfield could easily damage its re-accreditation. Loss of this accreditation would damage the brand of the Blue Mountains.

OUR economy depends upon its reputation as a natural place - wilderness and tranquillity.


The Katoomba Airfield, located within the World Heritage Area, if commercialised will facilitate an unknown and potentially unlimited number of aircraft taking off and landing from within the National Park.

Within 5km of the airfield are numerous Environment Protection and Biodiversity Protection Conservation (EPBC) Act of 1999 listed Flora and Fauna. Fights paths go directly over local and residential water supplies and are within 1 km of the airfield. 

An independent Environmental Impact Study has yet to be undertaken



KACG are not the only ones voicing concerns. Visit our Vision Wall and hear the the voices of local business people, residents, creatives and notorieites.


You can even add your voice to the wall, send us an email, message us on Facebook we can send our video team to you OR video your message using your phone and upload to our server.


The map to the left shows the extent of the community living within the “Flight Circuit”. These communities are not protected by a Fly Neighbourly Advice. This is the landing area and in this 3 nautical mile radius how high and from what direction a pilot approaches the landing area is at the discretion of the pilot.

Fly Neighbourly Advices are discretionary and unenforceable. Air space is not owned. To date many of the aircraft taking off and landing from the airfield do not register. There is no way to police the flights taking off, landing approaching or leaving the airfield. This is an honour system. Once this happens it will be impossible to undo.